Our Walk Rocked!

Thanks to a great committee, excellent rock music from Code Blue – an outstanding band with great versatility, and of course all our Walk participants, the Walk was a rousing success.  Over 400 people rallied round the pavilion; and we raised over $80,000 (so far).  The 50/50 raffle winner graciously donated the winnings to Lustgarten – thank you!  And we had a great silent auction which included a 4-burner CharBroil barbeque grill generously donated by Paraco Gas.  Our sponsors were extremely generous in helping us reach the $80,000 mark, headed up by Rensselaer Honda, our Diamond sponsor.  Thank you so much!  The Puppet People from Schenectady entertained everyone, and kids got cute painted tattoos on their faces by our resident face painter.  Special thanks to Drs. Choma, Heckman and Heim for providing information about PC to our Walk participants.  And with Price Chopper’s sponsorship, we provided free coffee, tea and water bottles to all participants.  We even had cider donuts for a small donation; they sold out within two hours!  The Coccadotts Van was on site, providing dee-licious cupcakes.  A portion of their profits were donated to Lustgarten.

We feel very proud that that the Albany Capital District community has taken such an interest in fighting pancreatic cancer.  Are you wondering about what kind of research Lustgarten has funded?  Take a look at the Lustgarten website – www.lustgarten.org, and click on “get research information” on the menu bar at the top.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the Walk and for raising money for Lustgarten Foundation.  Stay tuned for even more events in the Capital District this coming year.

Warmest regards to all,
Neil and Shari Piper

About Neil Piper

I'm a director of an IT division for the Vet. Admin., based out of Albany, NY. My passionate interest is increasing awareness of pancreatic cancer, raising funds to help Lustgarten Foundation. My passionate hobby, along with Shari my wife, is to ballroom dance (no, we don't compete and we can't dance like Dancing with the Stars).
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  • Neil Piper

    What a shame that Steve Jobs had to lose his life so early.  I’m sorry for his passing.  He was a revolutionary – a man who thought outside the box, and he should have had many more years to innovate new ideas and concepts.  He affected my life.  I still remember opening the boxes containing my Apple II+.  It was an exciting moment in my life, and it changed my life.  I learned so much about computing from that little computer.  Many were the nights that I spent creating programs that I used in my research, or as a computer consultant, or as a gamer, playing Adventure, or other fantasy game.  And the Apple affected my family’s lives as well.  My daughter Kim and my son David, used to play games on my Apple II+.  Now, many years later, they have their own Apple iMacs, iPods and iPads.  They are fully influenced by Mr. Jobs’ creations.  People of all ages walk around the streets, or study, or do their jobs, earbuds inserted, listening to music delivered to them from Apple devices.  His stuff is as common as, you’ll excuse the phrase, Apple pie and coffee.  It’s a shame that someting so insidious as pancreatic cancer killed him.  I hate the damned disease, and I want to obliterate it.